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Fun PR Pricing & Details

You choose from 100+ upscale, handpicked VIP events each month!

 and get on the guest lists to attend private VIP events around metro LA. While this service can be customized for all ages, it is targeted toward industry professionals; visitors to LA who want to attend hot private events; and lastly it is ideal for professional people who want access to classy, upscale affairs where they can meet like-minded (and maybe even single) professionals. The events are a aggregate of the best events in town and they are all hand-selected to make sure they fit our criteria. Click here to check out the jam-packed Fun PR calendar of events. Events include but are not limited to:

1.        Red Carpets/media opportunities/male-female pamper events for hair, nails, lashes, make-up...
2.        Business conferences, mixers, trade shows & seminars
3.        Specialized: for example… media, finance, venture capital, technology or  gaming events
4.        Literature, political, ethnic or cultural events
5.        Food & wine events: restaurant openings, wine & dessert tastings & chef’s dinners
6.        Awards shows, gifting suites & film festivals
7.        Industry networking events, movie premieres, screenings & plays
8.        Music: live concerts & recitals like jazz, Latin, hip-hop, classical music, etc.
9.        Fashion shows, boutique & upscale home furnishing store soirees
10.      Fitness, dance, sports & sporting events
11.      Art gallery receptions (artsy crowd + free wine!)
12.      Car shows & car-related events
13.      College Alumni events
14.      Singles dating events, beach parties, pool parties, BBQ’s & bonfires
15.      Hollywood, Beverly Hills celebrity & private mansion parties & after parties/hours

 2+ Event PACKAGES*



Morning Star (2 Events)



Rising Star (4 Events)



Shining Star (8 Events)
Good Deal!



Rock Star (12 Events)
Better Deal!



Super Star! Unlimited Events
Best Deal!!



Number of Guests:
 1 2  3  4 5
 1 Event Price (Shooting Star)


*All packages must be used within 30 days from when you want to begin the program--not 30 days from purchase- so you have flexibility to buy now and plan for the future.

  • Contact us at 866-219-8558 for customized packages for groups of 3 or more!
  • Some days have 5 + events so you can attend as many as your energy allows!
Most all of the events have an upscale multicultural group of attendees, free entry, free drinks and free food (frankly because that is what catches my eye ;). And many have great gift bags for the guests. 

So now you can have the luxury of Publicist for a reasonable price. You don’t have to spend $2,000+/month to attend the best events. Our service starts at just $125!

Other Services:
if you are in "The Industry" we can represent you as you walk red carpets, work on getting you interviews at the events, and other write-ups in the press, etc. Just ask us to customize a program for you!

How does it work?
  • Potential clients and guests can view our Client Events Calendar here
  • Clients pay via PayPal (links are above) or Cash, bank transfer, etc.
  • Clients can call 866-219-8558 or email us ( to get more information about the events and have us submit names to the guest lists for the events they choose.
  • We submit the names and then contact the client with an update/confirmation and all the event details (address, etc.) that they need.
  • Refund Policy: Our Fun PR service puts you on the guest list. Since we do not put on the events, we do not offer refunds if you "don't find something you want to attend on the calendar" and since we do not put on the events--we are not responsible for the events themselves AND we can’t promise happiness or entrance to anyone—therefore we do not offer refunds.  Entry is subject to capacity, dress code, event planners, Fire Marshals, etc. if there is a problem and you are not admitted, we will offer another event in its place.
  • The "Member or Client" events on our Events Calendar are the ones that draw from whichever number of  "Experiences" that you purchased.  The "Freebies" are a gift to you-- we research and provide information on local events that you are welcome to attend and you don't have to notify us first.
  • Extras: To make your experience extra special, we can arrange security, a red carpet escort and/or a fun tour local "tour-guide" who can escort you to the hottest events in town!
  • We use a Google-based calendar, so download the Google Smartphone app for mobile access!
  • Bradshaw & Co has a referral program for hotel employees, concierges, flight attendants and others who send clients our way.  Just ask us for details.

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